Insha Allah

There was a time I was muddled with negative thoughts as I was heading out for a quick drive into the city. My head wasn’t exactly at peace, I just had this running train of negative thoughts that I can’t seem to suppress. Then when I turned up the engines, this very song happened to just begin playing in the airwaves. Little did I know, the song was His way of telling me that with a little faith in Him and myself, everything will go on alright.

Insha Allah
Maher Zain

I admit turning to Him is something I wish I had done more often since after all, He is where I came from and also where I will return to when I breathe my last. But being humans, we tend to forgo the actual reason behind our beings and instead seek solace in physical things like monetary sum or even loved ones. Sometimes I feel that if we are able to bridge that gap we have with Him, we may just be much more stable and at peace with ourselves.

I know He is always there for me even during my darkest of days and he will continue to be even when the sun refuse to shine no more so let’s give thanks to Him and save a prayer for Him at least once in our lifetimes.




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