The Breath of Fresh Air

I know in life, we make certain decisions that we may think is right at that point in time. One of the decisions I felt I made was one of my wisest ever thus far is the decision to be extremely picky when it comes to friends. Sure, I’ve been burnt many times over the years by friends who claimed to be there for you when you are down in the pits but they end up leaving you to your own laurels when you are down there and basically that taught me this valuable lesson in friendship.

I made it a point to screen and filter my friends and only allow those who have withstood the test of time and patience over the years so much so that I can easily say, I have only three best friends who know me inside out and very few casual friends.

Coming into McDonald’s has changed me entirely.

I am forced to walk away from my comfort zone of 3 best friends and embrace those random strangers you will meet on the street and acknowledge them. I meet old fiends who left me behind and have them come up to me asking me out for a cuppa coffee. I meet super-duper long-lost friends whom I’ve lost touch ever since my kindergarten days and also, I meet new friends who I see a potential future friendship with. Honestly, being a self-introverted person and having to change to be someone super-friendly to just about anyone took me quite a while to master.

Looking back, yes I will still say sticking to my favorite 3 best friends to spend good times and bad with was a good decision but now that I’ve reached this stage of maturity, I know in the long-run, it will do me more harm than good to just have three friends all my life. I want to be inspired by others more than anything else. I want to see the world through other people’s eyes and try to understand why they do certain things and think a certain way. I want to get to know what makes other people different from me and hopefully, skim out their bad habits and invigorate myself with their good.

I’m twenty-two (barely adult you may say) but I do feel as though age has wisened me up a hell lot. Believe me when I say that things I did when I was 17 versus now differ vastly and I will never have the impulsiveness to match them now. But age does change things, at least in my opinion. If you allow yourself to grow at your own pace instead of trying to grow up too fast, you will encounter this change I am going through. Believe me. I find myself drawn to know more about others and things like talking to random strangers while at work is such an ease now that I can’t imagine what a life I would have if I hadn’t traveled the McDonald’s path. I would prolly be someone who is stuck in her past, vehemently refusing to move on with her future. Someone constantly unhappy with herself for her wrong choices in life.

I am not saying that to be someone better, you have to join McDonald’s.


It’s just that I am blessed enough to find my better self after I joined McDonald’s. It’s a blessing in disguise. I’m a whole new person now because McDonald’s changed me as a person. So don’t bother asking me why a top scholar from Shatec Institutes end up working with McDonald’s while my other school peers are excelling in their choice universities.

I’ll ask you back,

“Why not ?”

McDonald’s changed me;
McDonald’s make me believe that the stars are not all that impossible to achieve.

Does your university teach you that ?


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