Cycle of Monstrosity

I figure it must be darn hard living with a forever pregnant, forever whiny sister who goes all pushy when she is craving a certain food item at such ungodly hour as she approaches her monthly crimson tide.

May God bless my brothers’ souls.

Imagine when I do get married and eventually get preggers. I fear the same repercussions will be borne by my poor future husband.

I see a pattern, aye it is a vicious cycle.

May God bless my future husband’s soul and God, please do grant me a forever loving, forever patient husband who can put up with me and my 456, 928 daily whinings for at least the next twenty-two years; the same way both my brothers are able to survive the last two decades or so.

If he lasts anywhere beyond 22 years and still loves me just the same, that would definitely be a miracle.


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