Snippets of 2 Hamsters’ Lives

I’ve got two hamsters which I affectionately name Jammies (short for Joe Jambul) and Boobies (short for Betty Boobs). Well actually, I change their names vary depending on the weather forecast for the day and also when they do the most endearing things on Planet Earth; sometimes the new nickname for the day just pops up in my head and I will call them that nickname.

I suppose if they were actual humans, they will prolly have some sort of split  personality disorder as today Jambul is Jambul, tomorrow he may be Jam-Jam while the day after I may decide to call him Juggy.


I am not the indecisive sort; I just blurt out affectionate names as and when the names pop up in my head. Thank the Lord these hamsters don’t come with Birth Certificates or I will end up making friends with the Hamster’s Society’s Registrar of Birth people every single day I christen them a new name or two !

Okaye, let’s get back to the actual point of the post here. I was rumaging through my online gallery (not literally actually, scrolling is a more apt word but I feel that “rumaging” sounds more effort-ful 😀 ) and then I discovered that my darling hamsters actually are a pair of comical duos with perfect comic timings. Yes they are much harder to capture standing still when my lenses are angled at them but when I do capture those standing still moments, I always end up in stitches guffawing at their out-of-this-world expression.

Here are some of them:

When Jammies is tired and taking a proper nap in the night, he looks like this >>

When he is full after a very satisfied meal and wants to take a nap, he’ll look like this >>

When Jammies is feeling naughty, he will be caught doing this >>

(For the record if you are actually wondering, I don’t teach him all those naughty stuffs!)


Now, let’s see Boobies and her antics:

This is her just-woke-up-in-the-morning look; she bears total resemblance to me according to my brothers -_- >>

When she is super tired from working out, she sleeps on the spiral staircase of her penthouse >>

(Yes, believe it or not the hamster lives on a cushy penthouse while the owner lives in a 3-room apartment! How times have changed.)

Otherwise, she is doing this most of the time >>

(Her teeth is more corrosive than bleach I tell you, she can bite the plastics off her cage. Sometimes I fear she may be dying on the insides as she may inadvertently consume the cage paints.)


So tell me, who says my life is boring ? If you have two pair of hamsters as comical as these two fellas, there will never be a dull moment in your life. Plus, I have another comical cat to add to the combination.

What’s there not to love ?



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