The Not-So-Secret Me

SIDENOTE: (I think I am the only idiot who begins her post with a sidenote, hee!)

It feels as though today I am cursed with the obedience curse as I am doing every I usually don’t do and that includes junking out the fridge and discovering to my horror of horrors (!) that Mummy dearest has left 2 inners of swiss cheese in the fridge two months past their use-by dates. If she was hoping to get her much-loved blue cheese just by leaving the swiss cheese at the coldest & furthest end of the fridge then Mum, you are so very wrong. Thank God I saw them and got rid of them or else I swear Daddy will go all berserk if I throw away food even if they are past their expiry dates.


Anyway, on such a lovely afternoon (time-check: it’s 1412 hours and I just woke up barely a few minutes ago all thanks to a wake-up call from đŸ™‚ ), I have decided to share a little bit more about myself that people outside my social circle may not be aware of.

In other words, my idiosyncrasies which may make you love me or hate me even more.

There you go; you can either love me or hate me with that oh-whatever pout that I am so infamous for.


So here’s the few quirky habits of mine which may make me or break me but I don’t exactly give a damn. I tell life as it is and if you think I suck or am too darn weird to comprehend, the X button for this window (at the top-right hand corner) is always there for you to use anytime.


1. I love to take uber long bus rides alone but have music plugged on to drown the chattering of the commuting crowd. Long bus rides alone allows me a great deal of me-time which I use to reflect on my past days / months / years and in a way or another, a place where I sit snugly in a bus seat and view my recent memories akin to those things you do watch in the theatres. Also, the idea of things outside the bus moving past me reminds me of those “looking into the future” kind of moments. I doubt that you will prolly get what I exactly mean there.


2. I love taking long walks with a companion. It can be absolutely anybody or anywhere but walking keeps me moving and helps me realize that life is constantly moving and there is no way in hell you can stop the time from ticking forward. Unless your watch battery dies of course, that would be a different story.

It’s not always you meet people whom you can create that chemistry so when I do meet these kind of one-in-a-billion souls, I take the time off my hectic schedule and take long walks with them. The distance we walk doesn’t matter but at the end of the walk, I know I have that huge satisfied smile plastered on my face knowing that I know that person a little more than everybody else and that I have given him / her the best gift any friend can ask for.

The gift of time; so very greatly underrated in this lifetime now.

3. I sniff alot and I love to pick up scents from other people. No, I don’t go around sniffing people’s armpits like a lapping dog but I do associate certain scents to certain people and that scent is a good way for me to recall certain memories I had with that person.

A man with a signature scent that doesn’t make me sneeze is the kind of man I find attractive. Just don’t give me those drooling scents when you just got out of bed and have drool dried on the side of your lips. That would be absolutely disgusting.

4. I like well-dressed men. He doesn’t have to be dressed in JPG or Bottega to win me over. Heck, he can wear a cheap $2 shirt and style rock the style like a million bucks. The key here is confidence and there is nothing more alluring than a man who takes pride in his identity but not too great that he takes longer time to get dressed as compared to me. I shower for 30 minutes and will take approximately 45 minutes to get ready plus the make-up and choosing of the wardrobe outfit for the day. Beat my timing and still come off as polished as me and your battle is already half-won.

5. I want to own my own ride. Yes it is a want more than a need considering how over-priced the cars in Singapore are but honestly, don’t kill off my dream just because the COEs for a 2000 cc car is like a whooping $27, 000 in the market. I know it’s pricey but how can you ever consider saying no to this beauty here:

She maybe too expensive for a single girl to own but the thought of driving a Manual Cooper is enough to make me go bonkers. I sure hope when I am financially stable to own a car, the COE will drop to less than $2,700. Haha, okaye that will never happen but hey miracles do happen no ?


I’ve shared 5 things about me that will either make or break me. It’s time you take your pick on either to hate me or love me for exposing a little bit more about myself.


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