Open Your Eyes

You can totally tell I am very moved by Maher Zain when the last three songs I feature in my site are all his songs. Lord, I already bought the album and seriously it wasn’t even available in SG! I had to head to JB to purchase the CD. Ahh, how much pains I took to get his CD… Speaks volume for my adoration for him!

On a serious note, I chanced upon him when I heard a portion of the chorus his debut single (Insha Allah) on 104.3 FM and I merely youtube-d his single and till date, I am moved by his songs. He isn’t the 101% Nasheed kind; I don’t know how to appreciate those kind of religious songs so he is basically perfect enough for me to understand and be moved.

This is my current favorite, Open Your Eyes – the perfect song to listen to when I take those long bus rides with nowhere in particular as my final destination.

Open Your Eyes
Maher Zain


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