Hello DC !

Allow me to informally introduce to you the other animal I have as a pet. Her name is DC and I shall proudly say that from Day One, I have yet to change her name to any other name as compared to my two hamsters, hee. DC is the abbreviation of Depressed Cat as I first caught sight of her sitting innocently on the other side of my parapet. I.E., one misstep from her and she will prolly plunge to her 15 metre death. She took a firm liking for me and it didn’t take her that long to creep into my family’s hearts and now she has turned into a household name and a life without her isn’t exactly a life at all. At least, not mine.

When I see her lying like that, I just want to snuggle up on her furry tummy and sleep on it !

How can you not go “Aww..” when you see her as photogenic as that ?




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