Beauty School Dropout

Who knew I was able to listen to songs from the 70s and still have the ears to appreciate it. Sometimes it’s amazing what different people have to offer us in life despite them coming from entirely different backgrounds. Plus it didn’t hurt knowing that anyone from the new millennium was actually able to sing it live and carry off the tune fairly well. I think I want to hunt down for the DVD.

Beauty School Dropout
Grease (The Original)


It’s a good friend of mine’s Mummy’s all-time favorite song. At least he knows her favorite tune, do I actually know my Mummy’s top favorite song ? Alas, I can only say that her favorite is Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On but I can’t hold the tune to the song for nuts.

I’ll prolly end up breaking all the glassware in the house and also indirectly cause the world to lose their sense of hearing.


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