Condom, No Condom

This is a series of videos uploaded on YouTube which highlights the ill-effects of irresponsible sexual behaviour which is rampant among youths and adults all around the world. The case point of this series is that it was produced by NHS from Great Britain whose main point out of creating the video series was to basically encourage protected sex.

However, it is sad to know that the majority of the GB people out there find the videos graphically pornographic as in reality, what was portrayed in the videos are really close to what is in fact happening in reality. So it’s about high time the people who think that our youngsters are 100% goody-two-shoes in and out of school sit up and wake up and see what the real world is all about.

I’ve made my choices and stick to them, I hope you have done so too.

Don’t give in to five minutes of pleasure and thereafter to end up with a lifetime of pain; believe me, good things happen to those who wait.




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