New Breed of Young Blood

I saw a very appalling sight when I was on the way home recently. I was walking my usual route home when at the corner of my eyes, I caught sight of a woman, stooping down to bend over. Being a typical curious on-looker, I watched her movements quietly as I slowed down on my walking and instead, put all my attention to that woman.

For the record, I thought the woman bent over to pick up something but to my horror of horrors, the woman actually bent over, squatted and started tying the shoe lace of her son !

How did I come up with that conclusion ?

1) That woman was Chinese; impossible to consider her a maid, isn’t it ?

2) Her son was Chinese and looked every bit the sort of youngster who just got out of playschool or even primary school

3) The woman was dressed in office attire !


For the record, I have absolutely nothing against kids wearing shoes with laces. But if your freaking son or daughter can’t for the eight, nine years of his life be able to tie his own shoe laces, then get him a freaking shoe with velcro straps like these !

Honestly the sight of a woman – whether she is his mother / maid / sister or aunt – stooping to tie shoe laces for a younger man (in this case, her son) is an absolute disgrace to modern life.

Disgraceful of the mother to actually bend over and touch the feet of the boy she carried for 9 months in her womb as she fight for her son’s life and hers just so that she can bring him out to see the world. To love the child is one thing but to stoop and inadvertently “worship” him ? What’s that all about ?

It’s even more disgraceful for the son to even consider letting his Mother, all that wonder that she is to Mankind, touch his dirty feet which hasn’t and will never ever stand close to understanding and walking in her footsteps.

Oh urbanites, what have you become ?


One thought on “New Breed of Young Blood

  1. Its indeed a sad sight. Pretty disturbing if u ask me. At that age…u and me we’re already feeling empathy for our parents plight…now, kids are just too …… disgustingly spoilt.

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