I’m Not Ok

When people ask me if I am ok.

It’s not that I am technically not okaye; I just detest the fact that people feign concern when I choose to stay aloof and not let others poke into my seemingly boring life. My life is perfectly fine and dandy, thank you very much. I don’t need another person to say that my life isn’t okaye just because I choose not to share it with them no more.  Not sharing isn’t always the same as not being okaye.

It’s subjective.

I’m happier now considering the fact that I draw new friends and open up about my life to perfect strangers as opposed to sharing my same boring stories with the trusted few. I want to learn to be able to trust more people with my life, to let them know that whatever bond we share between us is just between us and no one else matters. It’s time that I branch out, spread my wings and fly and hopefully when my life does wind up going out of control, I have more than 3 good friends to catch me when I fall.


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