Vague Memories

Each day that I wake up, I find myself moving away from remembering the joys of being a couple to the point that now, I can vaguely remember what it feels like to be in love. I am too contented with my single life that the prospects of dating anyone beyond that of a friend sends shivers down my spine.

I’ve gotten someone say that he wants to date me. Flattered? Yes beyond words. Interested ? No, unless we start and get the basics as friends right first.

I’m not afraid to fall in love, I just hope the time I fall in love with someone wouldn’t have a negative impact on my career dreams which is totally of greater importance to me now. Love has been a major negative distraction for me in the past and I will do anything in my power to stop it from blossoming into what could be a dangerous Pitcher Plant which will trap me without me knowing. What my pedicurist said is true, when you start working, you find your inner circle of friends dwindling and on the other hand, you meet and mingle with a whole different mix of new people with entirely refreshing takes on life that they inadvertently rub off on you.

I hope the gold dust some of them has rubbed off on me will be good to me.


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