I have been influenced by a friend of mine to listen to Cheryl Cole not only because she sings fabulously but because that friend of mine has the sheer talent of mirroring Cheryl Cole’s voice beautifully. Among all of Cheryl Cole’s songs, I have been drawn to this particular song due to the beats from what I suspect is the snare drums at the background score. I am no musician so I have totally no clue how anyone plays the snare drums but I’ve always been fascinated by the sound since hearing it on the score of Armageddon in the 90s. On top of that, I love this video clip as her dance style is exceptionally creative and she tells the whole song in the video clip so much so that you can get the idea what she is singing just by watching the video minus the lyrics.

Now, that is a good video in my standards.


Cheryl Cole


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