You Had Me at Hello

I like you.

You know that.

So does the rest of the McDonald’s world.

Okaye, maybe just among our smart TCs.

I like the outings we have.

The phone calls thorough the night as we talk our graveyard shifts away.

I like knowing that you have big dreams to acheive.

The challenges we set for each other on who closes the cash sheet first.

I like the fact that you converse very well with everyone else.

The movies we promised to watch with each other.

I like the sound of your voice when you call me to share another secret about your scandals.

The places we’ve walked, drove by; they’ll all be a part of my memory.

I like what we have at present.

The strictly platonic friends label we tell the world we are.

And funny thing was that it all started out with a cup of Hot Milo which you endearingly remind me every time.

I see your people, and you have seen mine.

You’ve brought me to the other side of Singapore just to see what I’m missing in the East side.

The conversations about Lisa, John, Daniel and so many more.

Your colleagues say many sweet things.

Did you actually sit down and listen to them ?

Or is it just me swooning each time they sing praises for us ?

I don’t want to think what the future will look like for us.

As we both swore things will never happen.

Plus, it’s not as though I am in love with you.

I just enjoy your company, your self-less self and all that jazz that makes you, you.

If I were to point my fingers to a Mr. Right Now, my fingers will easily point in your direction.

But we have too many dreams between us to achieve among ourselves to want to jeopardize what we have cultivated thus far.

So if it is meant to be, it will happen.

If it doesn’t then I hope we will continue to be awesome friends like what we are now at present.

At the end of the day, even if you know that there are 4 other guys chasing after me, do remember it’s you whom I will always placed at first place.

Not the other Prince Charmings you are dying to see me date.



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