January to May 2010

As I sat down in quiet contentment at 0439 am this morning, listening to some mellow Indonesian music, I reflected on the months of January – May 2010 that has gone by in a jiffy.


I recalled January being the start of my McDonald’s adventure. It was scary, nerve-wrecking but at the same time, not knowing what’s there ahead of me made the whole ride extremely thrilling. It was daunting to begin with as technically, I’ve never worked my entire life and this was officially my first job. How would I fare, I asked myself a million times ? I guess only time could tell everything.

February was traditionally the month of Love. Till this month, I was officially single for the last 18 months and counting. Not bad considering I was the sort who was devoted to one guy for 3 years of my life and did not even turned around to see the other wonderful guys out there available for me. I thought I wouldn’t survive living alone, without a boyfriend’s arm wrapped around me but thanks to Him, I was able to stand up and walk all over again. Thanks be to God. Oh yes, how can I forget February 15th was day my ex’s Mum and sister spotted me working at WS. That was the defining moment whereby I thought my bubble had burst.

March, I remembered her being the month I was slaughtered upside down, inside out by this thing called WSQ. I still remember the person who nearly ruined my hope of settling down in McDonald’s. I mean, who doesn’t ? Her name was Jenny Kwa and she was the internal Assessor for McDonald’s and her psychological tests on me were brutal, I walked home bawling my eyes out and threatening to quit the system on the very same day. March was also the date I met a new friend, let’s just call him SJ. To say we went out on a date would be true but it wasn’t the I-see-a-potential-boyfriend-in-him-and-vice-versa kind of date. It was more of testing waters as to whether I am ready to start meeting and getting to know new guys.

April; sadly was the only April in recent times that I did not fall for any pranks set up by my friends. It would have been my 6th Month Anniversary with The WOW Experience on April 2nd if I was still with them. Oh yes, that was truly one of the best holiday jobs I’ve ever had ­čÖé April also was my 1st Assistant’s wedding day, April 4th. This was also the month I realised that SJ isn’t my type of guy when I realised his ego is greater than that of any man. Associating the word “dog” was enough to raise the ire in his eyes and that totally reminded me of Isaac; so totally not cool at all. April 16th was the day I ran my first shift !

May is officially the Hobibelanja month as it was her 23rd Birthday:

There’s nothing else more important than her birthday. Period ­čÖé


So anyway, the purpose of this post isn’t to bring up past hurt or broadcast my dwindling social life. It is more of a testament as to how the months of 2010 has evolved me as a person. A better person in my opinion, far better than before.



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