A Date

When someone asks you out on a date, what’s your take on the meaning behind it ?

Could it be that person is just asking you to accompany him for a simple movie and dinner out ?

Or could that person decide that you caught his eye and he wants to get to know you better ?

Or could it be a step towards a marriage proposal ?

When my friends ask me out on a date, it is simply a harmless, totally non-committal outing where two people of the opposite gender hang-out, laugh and simply make merry of the time we have between us.

But to my greatest and biggest of surprise, my first date with a new friend turned out to be the single outing that has entirely caught me way off-guard and till this very second (even after the date ended hours ago), I am still reeling from the surprising turn of events. Okaye, maybe speechless is more apt here.


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