The Oddity of Things

It is evident that over time, I find myself feeling more or less out of this place at this place called The Golden Arches. Granted the opportune time and higher autonomy, I’d gladly give my all but from the looks of it, I think my talents and skills are better off being elsewhere. I feel stifled, extremely caged and pressurized. The pressure-cooker environment is so darn cut-throat, I wished I hadn’t signed the dotted line and succumbed to the lure of being a Business Consultant in three years. I know there will be sacrifices along the way but little did I know the sacrifices isn’t exactly justified by the pay cheque. Not one bit, maybe just 25% only ? So tell me, is it still worth it giving up so much of my luxuries for this job which pays like only 2K per month ? Sure I work shifts but considering the long hours I put in to work every single day, I kind of forgotten the last time I actually punched out on the dot. I missed going out for dinners with Martian, I missed gossiping with HB over my latest flings, I missed hanging out and going shopping for my loved ones and also take the time off to prim myself to being proper.

When should I stop this ?

I feel the end is coming to a close very soon.

Oh sigh, I never saw this day coming.


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