On Common Ground

I’ve been down this road before.

But why would I want to subject myself to the same old situation again ?

Will the environment be any different from the last ?

It’s still God-forsaken long hours till God knows when.

Sure, the media carved out a pretty quaint picture of the people in the culinary industry.

But do they actually know what it is like to be the partners who spend miserable time apart from their loved ones ?

Will history rear its ugly head and have karma shoot me back with tragedy ?

I’ve loved, and lost when I fell for a budding chef.

Why do I have to go through it again.

Sure it’s with another man who holds much promise but still …..

Now that I see the likelihood of Him becoming a chef, I worry history will repeat itself.

You can’t possibly blame me for feeling this way.

I’ve been hurt many times over by the same person but at the same time, who am I to kill of a man’s dream to be an awesome chef ?

I’m no God.

I’m just a girl who hopes for a happily ever after without all those painful fights over why he doesn’t spend enough time with me like before his chef-days.

But Aliah, why do you must have this sunken feeling deep in your heart ?

I feel pain;

Cut right across the depths of my heart when I heard the news which was supposed to be news worth cheering and celebrating about.

So how do I go about walking around with the notion that life as the partner of an up & coming chef is all rosy in other people’s eyes but counts up to one huge sacrifice after another, for each other ?

I don’t think I am quite suited for that kind of devotion, yet.

Please, proof me wrong that there indeed are fairy tales that is able to last beyond a man’s culinary dream and a woman’s dream for eternal love.




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