Shards of Broken Glass & Hearts

I was coming home late into the morning last night from work when I overheard a very horrible family dispute that had broken pieces of glass and God knows what in-between bittered words and hostile grounds. On top of that, I hear the Husband screaming at the top of his voice, possibly in a drunken stupor, and the Wife screaming equally loud at each other across the balcony. That didn’t affect me much until I heard another voice in the background sobbing uncontrollably and that was the sound of the Daughter. I shudder each time I close my eyes and hear the conversation between them which lasted from 1 till 3 am in the morning.

I didn’t call the cops as I didn’t know where exactly they live at aside from the fact that it’s in my apartment block. I’m sure their immediate neighbors would’ve called the cops anyway, right ? But the sinking feeling that I didn’t do anything to protect anyone is deeply felt. What’s most painful to know is that towards the tail-end of the fight, the Daughter’s voice went silent amidst the sea of broken furniture and later on, the Wife too. I know it’s a tall order hoping no one got hurt but at the deepest of faiths that I have within me, I hope everyone’s going to be okaye.

Family violence; is it always the females who bear the brunt of it all ? Why do the alpha-males resort to such despicable measures ? Why do some men do horrible things to women ? It brings back plenty of haunting memories that I had with the past love that I had. I’m lucky to have gone out of it but I can’t speak for all survivors of relationship battery, can I ? I do know how it feels like and the screams from the Wife & Daughter is a painful reminder of what I had gone through and will continue to be now.

Eve wasn’t created from Adam’s head to step on him. Neither was Eve created from his feet to worship him all her life. She was created from Adam’s ribs so that she can always be beside him through good times and bad and on virtually balanced ground with each other.

It ended three years ago but remnants of it still haunts me once in awhile. I’m thankful I’m in better shape now and in a more meaningful and stable relationship but I can’t imagine what it would be like if I were to continue to live in a life of misery like that, ever again.

I’d rather put a bullet through my own head & blow my brain to pieces.




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