Civil Status

Funny how you actually wait around to see and ask my fellow managers if I’m on shift every other day just so you can pass me a slice of brownie from your outlet and disallowing the rest from eating that darn slice.

Funny how versus the other guy in your outlet, you actually tried to win me over by doing the exact same thing the poor guy who’s trying to get my attention. Example, buying me the same chocolate snack that he got me and giving it to me within two seconds after he gave it to me.

Funny how you were blatant enough to ask me for my number after keeping in touch over quick lunches nearby our stores; for once I thought this Pinoy guy can overwrite JPF’s sissy ways of wooing.

Funny how I actually fall for your sweet demeanor and actually take a longer route to the restroom just so that I could say a quick “Hi!” to you; after all, we are practically neighbors.

Funny how you always never fail to wave “Hello” or “Goodbye” at me each time you pass by the store to head to your outlet.

Funny how my fellow managers think you’re a pretty nice guy for me to date.


Funny, funny, funny that I found out like almost one year after getting to know you that you are actually, married. Hell no I am not disappointed, I know there are plenty of fishes in the sea but still… If you are freaking married, you don’t flirt with other ladies. I don’t care if you don’t wear your wedding ring, have a wife back there in the Philippines and is a father of two or anything but at least don’t flirt and use your fake smiles to win people over. Seriously, I’m appalled when I read your resume which you asked me to use to recommend to my boss for further consideration. Good Lord, what are the odds that I’ll continue keeping in touch with you ? For sure I’ll stay damn far away from you.

Heck, I may be single but I’m definitely not desperate. Ugh, some men are a total shame to the masculine gender. I’m having a bitter taste in my throat, I should just go and try to get Cyanide to clear it.


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