Last Year’s Story

When I’ve confessed I liked you ages ago, you were receptive but did virtually nothing to let the feelings spring out beyond what it was, then. You resort to sitting by the laurels and watch me as I exhibit and proof my loyalty to you. But the reaction from you was beyond, disappointing. Now you see and hear me talking more and more about other guys and only now do you react with complete urgency and is there almost every time at my beck & call. I’d call that insecurity ‘cos finally now you feel as though your #1 spot in my heart seemed rather shaky and is constantly being probed upon by another.

Sure, you are Hubby to me. But did I not tell you before,darling ?

Don’t ever take me for granted for once I sense it, you are doomed. In this case, today I can safely say, you indeed are.

And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.


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