The Ankle, Mucus & Everything in Between

Sometimes I come online with a million things that I want to write about but when I log in, I totally lose the momentum or worse, have too many things I want to write that I can’t focus on just one subject.

Today is one of those days.

Oh how it sucks.

As if being down (health-wise) for two horrible days isn’t enough to cull the creative mind. Maybe the mucus in the blocked lungs is blocking my brain too. Darn the Indonesian forest fires. It’s bad enough my ankle isn’t in top condition thanks to the hard tackle due to the competition two days ago. I’m limping around with this ankle and Big Bear has been such a sweetheart piggy-backing me up and down the stairs at home but seriously, the tackle could have been avoided if:

(a) I continue to take the role of a supporter instead of a competitor.
(b) I had worn proper shoes instead of sandals
(c) I didn’t jump so high to catch the ball, only to be pulled to the ground by the opponent
(d) I insisted on not playing for the fourth and final round of the competition

I actually saw it coming; the injury, I mean. I was able to replay the whole incident in my head at slow motion, mind you. I was able to feel my feet hitting ground zero first before being pulled to the other side (due to the opponent trying to break his own fall – how nice that I become the victim here) and feel the ankle bone move out of its position in slow motion before resting to a snap. Major ouch, I can’t even walk properly after the fall and requested substitution but the stubborn me decided to play on for the fourth round and perhaps that made the injury worse. (Well, I did some minor stretching for a while and it felt fine.) At night when BB fetched me, I was masking the pain although when I slept for awhile, he said my body was shivering and I was in a cold sweat. He insisted on bringing me to the 24 hour clinic but stubborn me insisted on sleeping through the pain. Hey, 24 hour clinics are expensive, $50 just for consultation ?! That’s like even more expensive than checking into the A&E.

I clearly remembered it was 0320 when I woke up to a jolt of lightning pain on my ankle that I decided that I need to heal at home since I’ll be closer to my family doctor then. When I woke up yesterday morning, Mum was pointing her fingers at my red ankle which was beyond walking and she said that the doctor is closed today, it was a Thursday.

Darn it, how unlucky, yet again.

So I sucked up through Terrible Thursday and BB came by to visit and I was more than happy to whip something up in the kitchen. I made Mushroom & Herb Cream Pasta with Cod Fish Fingers and it was yummmmy considering that it was an impulsive decision to cook since Mummy didn’t cook that day. Hmmm, I think I can be a good cook when I’m sick since I cook more when I am sick. Hurhur… Well at least I know my cooking is decent enough to not leave anyone stuck in the loo due to food poisoning so that’s good enough.

Let’s hope I’m still alive come Friday the 13th.


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