Ohm VS Sweat

I’m torn;
I want to spend my free time indulging in something healthy yet I have no clue where I should plonk my money at.

Yoga has always been a dream to attend since I was introduced to it by HB and still is. I always yearn for a flexible body, purely for hmm.. shall I say, pleasure reasons ūüôā I want to be flexible enough to master all the techniques in the Karma Sutra with my husband as my partner in crime. Also, who knows the regular stretching can help to make me a little bit taller and closer to my dream height of 170 cm ? Okaye, I may be past the puberty age but I’ve never stopped hoping I’ll grow length-wise. My only gripe is that the two Pure Yoga locations are only available downtown. Namely, Chevron House & Ngee Ann City. No way in hell am I going to walk down to town sans make-up.

Fitness First is opening a branch in Tampines and they’ve won me over with their convenience. I can head there easily as it is within walking distance from my home and is a mere doorstep away from my favorite massage place. The rational is that, I will be able to head next door for my monthly massage as and when I want to after fitness. But me going to a gym is like telling the world that I am getting married tomorrow. It is remotely unbelievable that I am actually considering gym to begin with ! The best part is that now FF is having the one-for-one whereby if you rope in a friend, you just pay the membership price for one!

But still… I prefer yoga. I’m into all things zen and “ohmmm”, it would be a miracle if PY actually opens up a studio here in the East. I’ll definitely be the first to sign up.
Decisions, decisions;
maybe I need to head down to their studios and see who offers the better package. But what if impulsive me ends up signing up for both ? Wish me luck !


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