A Worthy Sacrifice ?

It’s Day #12 that I am virtually not home for a minimum of ten hours, yet again.

I see the outside world more often than I see my own home that I caught myself staring into the mirror of a beautiful apartment I was staying in and tearing. Everything just zooms by in a blur that sometimes I forget what time or day it is today. Don’t get me wrong, being bathed in luxury once in awhile is a good thing but being out and about due to work, friends, partner, relatives and family gatherings is not good at all. I miss being all couped up at home. I know staying home isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but it really is my source of rejuvenation for most of the time.

I love the silence, the smell of my bed and teddy bears, the smell of Mum’s cooking and even the citrus smell of my toilet ! I miss watching telly with Mum & Dad, hearing them banter about another gossip among the old folks, I miss watching brothers sleeping peacefully in the living room and worst of all, I miss Jammies & DC terribly. I feel like I’m a bad pet owner for leaving them on such long periods but it’s not as though I am doing it purposely. Forgive me my dear loved ones for I’ve been away from home more often lately.

Some things are just beyond our control, don’t you think ? I don’t know how people can stay away from their homes for extended periods of time ‘cos I know I’m having a hard time doing exactly that. Maybe I’m just born very attached to my family, and for the record, I am not complaining at all.


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