Walk With Me To Happyville

All that she wants is to soar beyond the clouds and if her strength could carry her, she yearns to touch the Milky Way with her bare hands. But when she turns around and heads back to Earth, please let there be a soul who’ll be there to be waiting for her come rain or shine.

Simple. No-fuss. Easy.

Yet many men fail to realise that she’s just born this way.

She may have many suitors from differing backgrounds but when she says she is committed to one man, she will always be coming home to his arms and no one else’s. The grass is definitely greener on the other side but she’ll rather settle for the grass patch with the weeds she knows exists. Rather than to settle for artificial turf that bears no resemblance of purity and originality. She wishes that others would trust her loyalty but till date, her loyalty has always been a tragic test of wits.

 I won’t give up my world for you but you can have my word that I’ll keep my eyes to no one but you.


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