The Sharp Knife of a Short Life

If I die young,
Bury me in sand,
Lay me down on a bed of roses,
Sink me in the river at dawn,
Send me away with the words of a love song.
The sharp knife of a short life,
I’ve had just enough time,
If I die young;
A penny for my thoughts,
I’ll sell them for a dollar,
There was so much more after I’m a goner,
Funny when you’re dead,
And then people start listening…

I do know that it’ll be nice if that I get what’s stated above, should I die young. I know it’s a taboo topic to talk about one’s own death but recently I’ve been seeing many young lives being tragically taken away by fatal road accidents and sudden heart attacks that I fear I may not have enough time on Earth myself. I know I’m thankful for what He has bestowed upon me in this life; My sweet family, my dream love, my most cherished friends, my loveliest pets and of course, the beautiful nature He has created on Earth. Subhanallah, it’s high time that we thank Him for everything that He’s done for us…

… Before it’s too late.


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