Maxed Out

Clocking 12 hours shift from the time the sun is high up above our heads and right until the same sun is rising the next morning for five days at a stretch is one heck of a mountainous challenge . And it’s only the beginning. Today is day four of five and although I have the minimum 7 hours of rest, I yearn for just a little more. One or two hours more would be ideal. It’s mentally, physically and emotionally taxing to run around like a mad goon everyday.The other day I checked in at a hotel for an impulsive getaway and lord when I saw my skinny and wrinkly ass, I realized that I’ve been losing quite alot of weight in my rear. I’ve been taking my supplements diligently but still the pressures at work makes me alternate between super happy to super angry all the time. Sometimes I think I’m crazy already; one minute happy and the next minute sad. When I start the shift on a good note, it always ends on a high note. When I start on the wrong foot, I can bet everything will turn out more horrible than the last. I reckon I can die early from a heart attack with the roller-coaster shifts.

Even an Energiser Bunny needs a break.

June & July please, please, please come soon.


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