Saint Valentine

So what did I do on the inauspicious date all the boys and men turn into love-sick Romeos running around with big-ass balloons and dozens of red roses ? I actually didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I simply carried on with life and went to work. Seriously, they should ban this stupid day that suddenly make all the men turn into gentlemen who serenade their lady loves with sweet nothings.

I’m not a sore loser; I am a die-hard romantic but I just find this day to be increasingly a pain in my ass. I see so many girls walking around with their gigantic bouquets of roses and guys dressed to the nines with those disgusting stuffy jackets under the blistering sun. Whatever happened to pragmatism and practicality ? Do the girls actually know the meaning behind the XX number of red roses in their hands ? Do they even bother to wonder what’s the underlying meaning behind the choice of flowers ? And for the guys, you’d rather pay exorbitant amounts for a bouquet of roses which costs a mere $20 on a normal non-Valentine day ? I’d honestly rather you spend that three digit figure dining me at a fancy restaurant and we spend the night talking about everything under the sun, stars and the moon. Then again, on this date, most posh restaurants would’ve also joined the great one-meal-for-two-costs-a-fortune bandwagon so why even bother ? I mean, if you are truly in love, isn’t Valentine supposed to be celebrated everyday ?

Romance isn’t dead, I know it isn’t.

We are just blinded by the superficial worldly means of showing love. Now that everyone earns more money than their ancestors back then, even their creative minds are dead and gone. A simple hand-written card sent via mail (not email), a visit to the parents to seek permission to bring their darling daughter out for a dinner under the stars and the promise that the night wouldn’t end too late but it would be filled with plenty of well-thought ideas in-between.

Isn’t that simple enough ?


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