The Rebellion

I find myself fighting with almost everyone who is on the same brainwashed bandwagon. I feel out of place, I need room to breathe. I need to leave. But but but…

What happens if the only reason you are still in this corrupted system is the only one you can’t live without ? What if you leave, you’ll never find quite any other guy as spectacular as him ? What if you leave, all our promises and pacts beneath the stars go into absolute dust as well? What if you leave, you’ll lose your best friend as well? What if when you leave, no one weeps at your departure ? What if when you leave, you are the only one who leaves with the heaviest of hearts, considering the many lives you’ve touched along the way ? What if when you leave, you find out that the grass isn’t quite as green on the other side and it would’ve been wiser to just stay put at this miserable state I’m in?

‘Cos I remember this quote,

Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

I’m dying every single second I spend an off day away from work as Boss is really stifling my breathing. I can’t spend two hours in a movie without having him giving me 3 missed calls and almost entirely ruining my two hardly-fought off days just with a sarcasm-laced text. It’s unbelievable the amount of pressure you get from being a FTP drop-out. And I thought dropping out was the best idea, I’m afraid it wasn’t.

FTP or not, life goes on in this completely and utterly madness world of the legendary (read: notorious) Golden Arches.


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