The Judas Kiss

  1. Why did you say you were worried of losing me now that I rarely respond to your texts /calls / 4sq comments?
  2. Why did you say you were disappointed you didn’t get to see me the week I was away at KAP?
  3. Why did you wait till I replied before considering making a move out of HQ?
  4. Why did I see your pursed lips making way to a bright Colgate smile when you saw me walking out of class, half excited to see you and half wishing I could just run up to you and give you a big hug?
  5. Why did you pull me close in the pantry as if you want to kiss me?
  6. Why did you wait till I finished class that day?
  7. Why did you fetched me and convinced me to help you run an errand?
  8. Why did we talked about Prince Charming and offered him a ride as well?
  9. Why must PC leave his file behind in the car as hadn’t for the detour, I’m sure you wouldn’t have kissed me?
  10. Why did you pulled me close and allow me that ten seconds of butterfly in the tummy feeling at 1644 hours? I swear it felt like eternity.
  11. Why now?
  12. Why claim in jest you want to kiss me in the car at such a random moment?
  13. Why did you leaned over and went ahead?
  14. Why didn’t you stop at a quick peck on the lips?
  15. Why did you slip your tongue in mine as I sat rooted at the seat?
  16. Why label it as a mere “friendship kiss”?
  17. Why say it didn’t mean anything to you yet you say, you don’t kiss for fun?
  18. Why did you apologize for kissing me?
  19. Why did you grin such a wide grin after kissing me?
  20. Why did you become more touchy-feely after the kiss?
  21. Why did your eyes linger long enough on mine when I’m not looking?
  22. Why mention you’d go beyond kissing hadn’t PC called my mobile?
  23. Why did you wait till I boarded my train before walking away?
  24. Why must you say that you’ve been dying to kiss me?
  25. Why did I see that twinkle in your eyes now that you’ve conquered in kissing me?
  26. Why kiss and then say, “I hope the kiss won’t make you change your mind about picking BB instead of me?”
  27. Why do it now when I’ve abolished all dreams of being with you?
  28. Why did I feel that the kiss changed me, and everything between the Heavens & the Earth?
  29. Why couldn’t I stop thinking of you after the kiss?
  30. Why didn’t I regret being kissed?

Everything changed after June 8th 2011. I mean it, every single damn thing about love.


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