20 Good Reasons to Make Love

I was reading an online health magazine when I came across this topic which stirred up bouts of curiosity from me hence I decided to post it here in my favorite site in the entire world.


In addition to the giddy euphoric effects that make our toes curl, sex and orgasm (including masturbation) seem to have other health benefits. Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, famed sex researcher, and Professor Emerita from Rutgers University, lists the following evidence-based benefits of sexual expression. Engaging in acts of sexual expression may:

1. Help you live longer.

2. Lower your risk of heart disease and stroke if you have sex twice/week or more.

3. Reduce your risk of breast cancer.

4. Bolster your immune system.

5. Help you sleep.

6. Make you appear more youthful.

7. Improve your fitness.

8. Help protect against endometriosis.

9. Enhance fertility.

10. Regulate menstrual cycles.

11. Relieve menstrual cramps.

12. Help carry a pregnancy to full term.

13. Relieve chronic pain.

14. Help reduce migraine headache pain in some individuals.

15. Improve quality of life.

16. Reduce the risk of depression.

17. Lower stress levels.

18. Improve self esteem.

19. Improves intimacy with your partner.

20. Help you grow spiritually.

Allow me to elaborate on the points I’ve bold-ed.
Help you live longer
I dare say that making love on such a regular basis actually makes me feel young. Okaye, it’s not as though I am immensely old, I am only like 22 but hey, it makes me feel as young as 17 when my heart races and sweat trickles down at the back of my spine after a session of love-making.
Bolster your immune system
I can’t say I can agree with this statement as of late, I’ve been falling ill terribly too frequently. Maybe it’s not my healthy year this year but then again, I’ve been stressed out at work so maybe that explains my lack of immunity to freaking flu or contagious cough.
Help you sleep
For sure you will sleep soundly after making love! I for once will fall asleep like a baby after an intense and pleasurable experience; especially when the boyfriend lets it be my night šŸ™‚ Actually most of the time, I enjoy cuddling thereafter and he is the sort who enjoys it just as much too as we’ll fall asleep in each others’ arms. Either with or without the PJs on, teehee.
Make you appear more youthful
I’ve had people previously saying that I looked way older than my ex-boyfriends. Not a nice thing to hear but I can’t help it when my exes are all those vertically-challenged dudes right. Now that I am dating someone slightly shorter than The Incredible Hulk, I find that I look more like a college student when I stand next to him. But I do feel that I am much more happier these days and my face is getting rounder by the days; as they say, when you are happy, your face grows chubbier. I am not complaining ‘cos he appreciates my curves and covets them any given day.
Regulate menstrual cycles
I couldn’t agree less! Nowadays, my menstruation cycle is oddly regular that even the boyfriend is able to guess correctly which date I am going to have my period. Then again, he prolly is able to predict correctly due to the fact that he can tell when I am PMS-ing or craving too much food…
Relieve chronic pain
I used to suffer from terrible morning sinus but ever since I met my current boyfriend… It disappeared, miraculously.
Improve quality of life
Although making love can be quite a chore to start when my mind is bothered by a million and one things at work, I feel that if your partner knows you well enough, he’ll be understanding enough to talk things out before the foreplay continues. I am very blessed that the boyfriend knows when to lust for me and when to spend the time in bed talking the night away so I can’t ask for more. Most times, I feel as though I don’t want him to prod too deep into my thoughts but I know he does it just so that I have a fabulous time between the sheets and not just him having all the fun. I feel good knowing that the boyfriend cares me enough to distinguish between both sex and reality.
Improves intimacy with your partner
So I’ve just revealed to the world that I have slept with the boyfriend but that is not to say that I no longer am a virgin. For every guy that I’ve dated, I established the same rules: No penetration, no intercourse. And it applies to him too.
Sure, the desire to want to try and delve deeper into love-making is there but we both are equally aware of the consequences that a five-minute penetration can have on the both of us. We both are still incredibly young and although there’s love between us, I for once am not willing to jeopardize my roaring career just because of a stupid mistake I made with a boyfriend. And I feel eternally blessed that I have a boyfriend who loves me enough to respect my values for topics as huge as sex.
For those who disagree that there’s no better way of making love other than penetration then I say you are too close-minded. There are 1001 or even more things you can do in bed with your partner other than actual sex. And that is for me to know and you, my dear readers, to figure out.


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