The Bi Factor

I love you so much and care for you dearly as a friend. But to have you have lengthy conversations with me about your past flame and being on the Other Side and still contemplating whether to open up that chapter of your life again leaves me speechless. Sure, I was there to pick up those fragments of your broken heart when your love turned out to be a lie but why do you wish to subject yourself to being hurt by the same gender and not have quite as much of a happy future with another person from the other gender ?

Bisexuality isn’t a crime; it just isn’t widely accepted.

But I accept you for whatever flaws you have within you.

But isn’t it high time that you see what three months did to your one year in 2010? It almost completely utterly ruined you. I don’t wish to see you get hurt all over again hubs. You are way too good for all the hurt the bi-world will give you if you open up that chapter again. As much as I say I will accept you no matter what condition you are, I will reluctantly accept it this time around if you choose to tread the narrow path, again. ‘Cos we both know you won’t have a life-long future with anyone from that world. I’m not stereotyping but honestly, think far darling. Are you going to settle down, or even be able to make plans settling down together and co-habit?

Is it the best solution to your happiness or are you not trying hard enough?

You will always have my blessings and unwavering support, that is my only promise to you. But granted, I’d rather you find a decent girl who can make you a little more happier than your last. Even if you don’t see it coming from me, I just want you to be truly, happy.


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