The Damsel Who Can’t Make Up Her Mind

Sometimes I wake up and roll across the bed, hoping I wake up seeing someone special lying there next to me. Or better still, have him watching me sleep. A little romanticism, no? ūüôā Other times, I just roll and being grateful that I don’t have to share my lovely bed with anyone else and I can sleep in any position that I want and not worry about farting while I’m sleeping. But most times, I wish I am already happily married and can have someone to spend the rest of my life with in and out of the bed. Then again, those of my friends who has crashed in with me will agree I’ve got lots of nasty habits in bed. Some of them, even I choose not to believe. Heh, well I do hope that when I settle down with a man, he’ll be able to deal with my sleeping habits and still love me no less.:)

You know I am a walking contradict.

My heart wants to be having her happily ever after at this exact moment. But the head slaps the heart silly and says, “You haven’t found The One, how to settle down you idiot?”

I’m such a roving idiot.

Oh Knight in Shining or even Rusty Armor, please come and save this damsel in distress before she wilts from barren-ness and utter boredom.




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