Spanish is my new English.

There’s something absolutely snazzy and saucy about the language that it is one of two languages that I want to learn. (The other is French by the way.) But considering how inadequate I am when it comes to pronouncing those French vowels, I think Spanish is an easier language to master. Nowadays, my ears are peeled to Wisin & Yandel and the current song on repeat is:


I have yet to google the meaning of the song but if the video is to portray the song then I’d safely say I know the lyrics and what meaning lies behind it. The song below features the hottest gay in the Planet, Ricky Martin. Aye, such a good-looking gay isn’t he? Marry me please Ricky, I’ll gladly have you keep me in the closet while you make love to your lover boy. Heh. He can easily smoother me silly with his sexy voice. Same goes for Enrique Iglesias too. But at least the latter isn’t gay.

🙂 Enjoy the song, la dolce vita!


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