Happy Birthday to You

Today would be your 23rd Birthday.

It isn’t sad that I remember birth dates so well. It’s just sad that I continue to remember the birth dates of those people who are left behind in my past. Well, here goes, for memory’s sake:

Hello Ex-boyfriend, today is your special day and I wish you well.
Hope this date marks a special piece of memory that you can carry on till your twilight years.
I’m sure you’ll have a blast and I have nothing more than good thoughts for you.
Cheers to an extra happy life, with the extra special people in your life.

Much regards,

The Ex-Girlfriend.

* * * * *

Funny I still continue to be kind to people who have done ill unto me. Maybe I was born a with a forgiving nature. Or perhaps, I am just too nice. Either way, I’m not making anyone else’s life difficult so why bother holding back right ?

The past is past, there’s a reason why certain people don’t make it to our future.
Only The Almighty has the answer for that.


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