Knights in Shining Armour

I’ve reached a point in my life whereby I  go on invitation to dinner dates with different guys at a span of a few days. I’m not proud to tell the world that I am dating a couple of guys at once but since I am very much single, I don’t see any harm it has on me since all the guys already know where they stand, right?

Sometimes I do lose track who I go out wth but that is not to say that I am so full of dates that I should be proud of it. Sometimes I do feel happy knowing that a guy is bringing me out to a fanciful dinner at Scotts or something like that. (A bonus is if we have reat chemistry like Hubs & BB). Other times, I wish I can just settle down with one someone who can date me every single day of my life and he need not worry about me getting bored of him.

Will I ever find such a man to begin with?

That’s the first question. My second question will be,

“Will I ever not get sick of going on dates with the same guy for the rest of my life?”

I’m sure the guy I marry will answer yes to my two questions but I guess until that actually happens, I’ll just keep my feelings to myself and make sure I don’t settle down so fast with the first knightin shining armour.

For all I know, all that glitters isn’t exactly gold. Or it could be worse; cheap plastic.


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