4-Lettered Word

I trust as easily as I forgive. But unfortunately, I don’t forget. Unless I lose my memory or have it wiped out by some CSI forensic instrument that can extract the membranes and remove my brain cells. Sure, I give people numerous second chances. So much so that I also lose count how many second chances I give to the same people. But that’s okaye ‘cos at the end of the day, we both walk out of our disagreements with better hopes for the future between us. And I will slowly, but surely, move on from there.

But I do draw the line of second chances at people who use vulgarity at me. Worse would be via face to face but I think I am right to say that saying it via text is equally bad, no? So truth is, my achilles heel towards tolerating people stops at fuck. Once fuck punctuates any sentence with a “me” in the same breath, my head and heart and body and soul will gesture at you to shove and get the fuck out of my life.

Simple, easy and fuss-free.

All that it takes is a four-lettered word.

You can try this with anyone, just not with me.


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