Life As We Know It

… and so, after an absolutely long time spent away from the blogging world; I’m back writing here again on what’s been going on in my life. I dare say that 2011 has been the mother of all challenges I have faced throughout the last twenty-three years of my life.

But Alhamdulillah, although I’ve stumbled and fall countless times, with each fall being even more painful than the last, I count myself lucky as I’ve not quite given up on living and giving up on myself altogether. Sure, being human, I do have my fair share of grumbles, discontentment and wishing things is much rosier than it seems now but honestly, I’m sure there are far more people out there who prefer living my life as compared to theirs, right? After all, humans aren’t a contented sort and like what someone wise said,

“.. Don’t ever curse your life just ‘cos you are in what you presume is the mother of all deep shit. Believe in the notion that there are others who are in far greater shit than you.”

I believe in that and that belief keeps me going everytime I feel like giving up. Granted, I want a happy ending to everything in my life. Alas, we are only humans living imperfect lives and trying to make whatever imprefections as perfect as our wills can carry.


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