That’s Spanish for kiss me.


As you all already know, I am into Spanish and Latin music and I can’t help but include Mohombi as my favourite Latino boy for the moment! Why did I not discover him earlier is beyond me as he’s got such a raspy, sexy voice that any song he sings makes me want to groove and shake my body to his rhythm! That isn’t to say that is the only way his voice gives out an impact; when he sings his ballads, his vocal chords has the ability to make me feel whatever he’s singing.

Latino music has many inspriations from Reggaeton but I’m very pleased to say his music are of the minimal reggae beats and the lyrics are real nice. One of the first few which got me addicted is Suavemente by him and Nayer (From the Give Me Everything fame) and also features Pitbull.

There’s something absolutely gorgeous about his voice, that base-low voice that I can’t quite get enough of actually.

Well, before I go on a Mohombi-craze, allow me to introduce to you this song by him.


I think Nayer is super-hot; I have a girl-crush on her but seriously, she should’ve picked a better outfit as compared to the skin tight vinyl outfit with those strategic slashes. Perhaps a nicer beach outfit would easily make her a perfect match to Mohombi’s laid-back outfit.


PS: Mohombi’s got the dream guy character;
he’s tall, sexy as a bald man, looks gorgeous without even trying hard and has such an amazing singing voice!

I’m smitten and pardon me as I shall post more Mohombi songs in the future!

đŸ™‚ đŸ™‚


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