The Sweetest Revenge

And so the answer to the readers question as to why do I want to bump into my ex on the street?

I want him to see how I’m better off without him!

Post-him I’ve changed in many ways possible:

  1. Ditched the hideous glasses, moved on to contacts
  2. Wear minimal make-up to enhance the eyes
  3. Gained weight to finally look healthy and not anorexic; even went up a cup size! Wee ūüôā
  4. I eat so much more not ‘cos I need to, more like I love to
  5. I hang out more often with my friends; whether for clubbing, shopping, coffee, basically anything
  6. I have more guyfriends on my contacts list aside from my brothers’ numbers
  7. I’m not afraid to smile to strangers on the street
  8. I love dressing up when I head out to paint the town red
  9. I date more than one guy at any given time. (Heh!) I didn’t know it wasn’t a crime to date more than one!
  10. I laugh more, smile more and cherish my loved ones more
  11. I stay home more often when I don’t have plans with friends, voluntarily
  12. I do only things which I like & don’t seek approval from others
  13. I drive my own car, have my own Class 3 license
  14. I work hard for my money and party harder
  15. I put my family on top of my priority and nobody else comes tops

So tell me, how can I not want to show him how awesome I feel nowadays? Actually, I have more reasons but I shan’t let myself be too high up in the sky to forget my roots. Actually I know I won’t. I’m surrounded by people who love me the way I am and won’t change me to anything else so why should I worry?

Thanks be to God for his wonderful and marvellos intervention when the need arises.


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