Whose the Greater Bitch?

Just how low can you get oh -?

Name-calling, nit-picking every single flaw that I have done throughout the duration of our togetherness?

Telling how you are better off without me when I gave you a route to a better picture of yourself.

Okaye, I shan’t make the mistake of itemizing alright;
I did them with the sincerest of hearts.

Anyway, God hates people who have “perangai belanda” so I shan’t incur the wrath from Him.

Suddenly you decide that you are better alone, dealing with your own life with your own rules?

Oh, what happened to the “I don’t think I can spend a day without you” liner? Perhaps lost between that black hole between your ears?

Ditching me out of the blue for a better life alone?

For that I surely raise a toast to you as you completely caught me off-guard.

Saying that I didn’t believe your stories and being hurt caused I called you a liar?

Did you have the proof to debunk the myth? Sure you don’t; it’s all a creation of your mind.

You wanting to be your own self, try to play your own game and leave it all to Him?

Wow, I didn’t know you were the worshipping kind.

Teaching me the difference between reacting and accepting?

Just a few leadership books is enough to make you more world-wise as compared to me.

Telling me all these while that you’ve not approved my decisions in things, only reacted to my actions?

So every smile, every nod, every acknowledgment was a bitter stab into your heart I suppose? Now I know the reality was such a pain to you.

Claiming that I never considered giving up my selfish feelings to put myself in your shoes?

Urm, if being selfish equates to me being myself, why must I accommodate to you again?

Saying that I should take a good look of myself in the mirror and learn to observe?

I know I have short hair, a not-so-flawless face, chubby cheeks and a cheeky smile with the camera forehead & I accept myself the way I am. You mean you never did? How tragic, I fell for an impostor.

Well, here’s my summary of things:

You are a coward disguised in such a big frame.

You may act strong and think I will fall prey for your games but look here dear mister,

You are an ungrateful bastard.

You pointed a finger saying I’ve changed.

That my ego is too big for any man to handle?

Well guess what honey, four fingers are pointing right back at you.

If you don’t like me then that’s alright.

You could’ve just told me the honest truth.

I am what I am and I do what I do and if you have a problem then fuck you, too.


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