He’s A Keeper

You know he’s one when you, who once never envisioned a happily ever after for yourself to ever be a reality, now dreams of the perfect chapter in your lifetime with the man who you feel is a walking angel.

You feel the need to keep him for life not ‘cos you want to have him all to yourself.
Instead, you feel the desire to be near him ‘cos you want a life basking in his deep, unwavering love.


I may have loved many men throughout my life and unfortunately for me, I have to go through numerous heartbreaks to know what pain love can bring to you when granted love in the wrong amount. But that never stopped me from wanting to seek the one man who will be the one I want to envision a life with. Though what I’m going through is at its infancy stage and I don’t want to jinx it further, I know in my deepest of hearts, I hope and dream and ultimately will be able to keep him for life.


“One step closer,
I have died everyday waiting for you,
Darling don’t be afraid,
I have loved you for a thousand years,
And I will love you for a thousand more.”

– A Thousand Years by Christina Perri


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