Gutless Much

‘Cos until this very moment, I still feel immensely shortchanged.

By a great big deal.

I totally didn’t deserved to be treated this way. They say, move on but how does one move on knowing the one she loved actually was capable of such great heartbreaks? I’ve always thought love was never my cup of tea but the romantic in me just always end up convincing me otherwise.

I deserve a happy ending, why must I feel heartaches time and time again. Why trample over my feelings and tell me you prefer taking care of your mother now that we’re nothing in your eyes anymore?

When the actual fact is some other girl actually took your heart away.

In a matter of less than 60 days.

What kind of love is that when you actually contradict your own statement? Or am I just plain naive time and time again?

I rest my case when your reasoning was your mother. Nobody argues when the guy actually puts you against his mother. You mentioned you want to take care of her now that your father strayed and since our relationship fizzled out? Fine, you’ve mentioned your reasons and I accepted it; with no grudges whatsoever.

But you lied.

There’s no mother you want to take care of. There’s just another girl whom you’ve fancied the last 40 odd days you are at your new workplace.

If I confront, you’ll prolly think I am mad jealous and that finally, this girl here actually knows what jealousy is all about and has some glimpse of human feelings.

But my confrontation is nothing as petty as that.

I want to confront the man who had zero balls to tell it to my face (not even over a phone-call) that he’s not interested to pursue me anymore because he is seeing someone else on the sly.

And the best part, he’s being a coward since it was him who blocked me off his what’s app. Ridiculous or what? I know you aren’t prepared to debate with me as your reasons are just a bunch of crap while the truth I speak is enough to make you lose your ground against me.

I’m brave enough to face the facts, but you take your leave and walk away like a coward.

Had you decided to tell it to my face, (although the truth will definitely hurt like a million stabs to the heart) I’ll applaud you for having the guts but you are a male with the nether region of a pussy.

I deserved to be treated better but as much as my hands and legs and anger are dying to smash you into tiny pieces, I have a conscience telling me to keep everything all inside of me.

‘Cos I know, greater ill-luck will come your way for breaking my heart. God is great, He’ll make sure you pay for every single tear drop.


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