Star Light, Star Bright;

Sometimes when I go to the old places I used to go with my old flames with my new ones, I can’t help but wonder if my past flames actually have the same sentimental feeling that I have each time I go to those places. Hubby taught me to replace those old memories with the new ones so that when I think of those places, I will be filled with happy thoughts and not be all miserable. But there’s always this part of me which always wonders, does he think that way? Does he replace me with someone new and create new memories of places I used to go with?

Relationships come and go, so do lovers and friends but what if the person writing this is still grappling with the loss of a dear friend? Did I not mean anything to you that you walked away without the courage to say goodbye? That isn’t to say I’ve not moved on from my past. I have and am in a very happy place now with Sunshine but really, it puzzles me to a great extent knowing that people can change their feelings within a split second. Maybe it’s just in my nature to hold everyone dear with the highest level of respect and love but sadly other people aren’t quite the same as me. How do people disown and destroy friendships or relationships like that? Or has been only me who puts my entire heart and soul on the line when I’m going through a connection with someone new?

Sure I have closed the chapter and have vowed that he will suffer a miserable life for walking out like that but honestly, I’ve gone beyond that denial stage and if we were to ever cross paths in the future, I’ll only smile and say Hi and wish him all the best in his life and future.

And I will definitely mean every single word as when he walked away, God granted me the serenity to face that horrible chapter of my life with a greater amount of strength and a circle of friends and loved ones who stood by me through it all. And I will give up my life just for those people who were there for me, day in and out.


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