Read Between the Lines

Today, some of my crew actually got wind of the fact that I can do palm-reading. That isn’t to say that I am well-versed in the matter but basically, I am able to distinguish the basic life / love / health lines on a person’s palm and it’s enough for me to get by. So far, all the palms I’ve read are correct and precise so they crew are starting to believe that I am a gifted palmist by night – seriously, I am not kidding you. However, one of the Chinese national who knows a fair bit of the skills actually pulled out my hand to read mine.

Among other things in my life, I detest having my own future being told through the mouth of others. Partly because I am already very acquainted with my own future and I prefer not to have another person regurgitating the same things I already know, back to me.

But she did it anyway and the same truth came across her lips as what I’ve expected.

She said that I will settle down late in my life.

Well, truthfully, I already am resigned to that fact since I was 16? As much as I wished in my deepest of hearts to settle down with the Chosen One early in my life so that I can expand my brood of future generations early and retire early, I know that route isn’t pre-destined by God for me as I already have the premonition to it many times over.

But yes, I’ll be lying if I say I wasn’t affected by her readings. It’s not that it’s the first time I am hearing such things but I don’t know how to explain this feeling. Perhaps I am yearning to have my own happily-ever-after that being told by another person about my future married life to only be realised later on in my life is somewhat… Depressing? Sad? Tragic? Basically, I don’t have a exact word that can embody the feeling I am feeling but granted a choice, I wish I don’t feel this way. Maybe it is my biological / married life / parental clock ticking a time bomb and that explains the feeling but whatever it is, I hope the feeling will go away when I lay my head to rest tonight.


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