Triple the Likes

If I have the luxury of writing out my wedding vows to my husband when we are legally wed, I would want it to contain the lines below:

” I would like to thank my husband for taking this joruney of life with me and vowing to spend the good times and bad with me till death do us part.

I hope that he will never steal, lie or cheat me, ever.

But if you have to steal, steal my sorrows & unhappiness away.
But if you have to lie, lie in bed and spend the nights of a lifetime with me.
And if you have to cheat, cheat death as I don’t think I can imagine a life without you in it.”

I think watching three back-to-back romantic comedies throughout this particularly lazy weekend has unleashed the inner romantic nut in me and I am feeling all melancholic and mushy smucks.

I think HBO is going all lovely-dovey this Valentine’s day, damn those cable TV people. I should have loaded up on extra popcorns and a bottle of peach tea on the sides. Not forgetting the important nacho cheese bits.

The only ingredient missing is the boo who will fit perfectly watching these romantic flicks with me, as I bask & snuggle in his presence and soft cushy arms.

Next up, I am going to watch the final movie on HBO,


Let’s hope this final flick ends the night on an ultra X 4 romantic note!



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