The Mother & The Father

The love of a mother is unfailing;

She may be walking around complaining about her tired legs (stemmed from the early on-set of osteo) but she’ll never expect us to do anything beyond hearing her rant. Then when we offer to give her a much-deserved massage, you realise and see how infinitely happy she is that her children are good people who care.

The love of a father is unconditional;

He may be recovering from his eye transplant surgery but after hearing the news today about the terrorist explosion in Bangkok that occurred just yesterday, he swiftly walked up to his daughter in her room and request that she either cancel her trip to Bangkok or fly to a safer destination. Before she could even respond, the Father raised both hands, begging her to change flights and ending the whole request with a soft “please?”.

Tell me, how can I not love my parents so damn much?

Don’t worry Daddy, I’ll change my flights first thing in the morning. Sure I may want a career break but I want to go on an adventure with the blessings from my parents or else my trip won’t be blessed. Going alone or not, is secondary; their blessings mean the world to me. Even if I go alone on any trip, as long as I’m blessed, I’ll be safe and sheltered beneath their prayers.


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