To You,

Thank you.

I appreciate your concern. For that, I am infinitely grateful you still very much care. Truthfully, it’s not that I set out on an adventure alone for this trip. It wasn’t a choice I made, it was a decision that was already fated to occur. It was supposed to be a getaway trip with a former boyfriend but alas, the relationship went kapoot. The current one isn’t able to fly out as he has commitments to his medical studies hence, also a no-no. So I decided to call upon a few friends to go on the trip with me. From four, it dwindled to just one travelling companion. However when I went on and proceeded to book the return flight and accomodation two days back, the final companion couldn’t confirm she could go or not (after my bookings has been made) as she was having marital troubles with regards to the custody battle with her ex-husband. The rest backed out citing reasons such as work commitments and so forth and I totally understand that.

After all, I am the one whose putting a stop to my career to find out what exactly I want from my life. I’m choosing this unconventional route of not knowing where I am headed to and what I am doing next, not the others. Other peoples’ lives continue in their own monotonous motion but mine, as much as it’s stagnant, I’m the writer and ruler of my own rules. I didn’t choose to travel alone but if it’s fated that way then fine, I’ll go with whatever life throws at me. I understand your concern and Daddy shares it too with the recent bombing in BKK; even I am gravely concerned.

Granted, if I travel alone, I will strive to ensure it is a familiar territory such as Indonesia whereby striking a conversation with a local is as easy on the eyes as it is on the lips. Don’t worry, I’ll be okaye but I will definitely take care of myself as well. For now, let me cancel my luxurious suite booking in Suvarnabhumi first (major sigh!) and (hopefully I’m allowed to – double cross!) change my flights to another destination.

I will definitely keep you posted through here & yes, I do still read yor humble online abode ūüôā

Much love and kind regards,
Yours truly


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