AK718 / AK729

And so while my BKK trip is on a limbo (pending 24 – 48 hour approval from the Jetstar team), I have decided to go with an impulsive decision to head to KL instead. From there, I may either travel out to another destination and have some crazy adventure or stick to the usual KL route.

I think I’ll pick the former, heh.

Now I have the whole of Asia for me to venture: Cambodia, Vietnam, Macau and all are within my reach but which should I pick?

In the mean time, everybody, save a prayer for me so that I am able to change my BKK flight to July without having to pay the imposed free of $300+, the figures are preposterous and if BKK costs that much, I’ll gladly forfeit the entire trip and re-book the July trip at half of the price.

Damn the terrorists, you ought to pay for all the inconvenience you’ve caused to us citizens of the world who want to travel to see the world but is mobbed by the fear of our own safety due to your idealistic beliefs.

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