To Somebody I Used to Know

It’s funny that despite all these while, I’ve been trying my darndest to be as polite as I can be but all that pleasantries has been met with nothing more than a rude and cold shock. If that’s the way you intend to deal with me then by all means, you are more than welcomed to.

But not when I’ve been treating you nicely all these while.

There’s only so much one can take when it comes to rudeness and I find that you’ve veered off the neutral margin and you don’t quite deserve even knowing what’s going on in my life or even talk to me. Good Lord, you can’t even speak to me nicely, I don’t fathom why you continue to be in contact with me when you treat me like that. I didn’t mind having you on FourSq, I sporadically text you and at the same time, I also initiate a conversational game with you via WordFeud. But you rejected the game (ironically, accepted it when my brother adds you to a game with him), talk to me in such a disappointing manner and don’t even carry much depth in your language to me no more.

Who are you? And what have I done wrong to deserve this?

You didn’t have to cut me off, treat me like a complete stranger in your life.

I can make this much easier for you, I’ll gladly disappear from your life with immediate effect if that makes moving on easier for you as hey, I’ve moved on but you haven’t. It’s you who haven’t and it’s not right to treat the person whose been neutral after all the forgiving was over.

Strangely, all this level of immaturity is coming from a future counsellor, ironic much.

‘Cos now you are just somebody I used to know, no longer know even an ounce to make a difference.


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